Well, what do you know? Somalian pirates are adapting to multinational forces. An “unbelievable” spurt of attacks have marked the past couple of days. This past Saturday a German vessel was seized 400 miles off the coast, bringing the total to 5 vessels captured over a span of 48 hours. And of course today the Maersk Alabama was attacked.

On the move!

On the move!

Check out this map of pirate attacks for 2008. Attacks are heavily concentrated in the Gulf of Aden with some attacks off of the east coasts of Somalia and Kenya.

Now check out this map
for 2009. Attacks still occur primarily in the Gulf of Aden but a quick glance seems to reveal more attacks four months into 2009 off the eastern coasts of Kenya and Somalia than in all of 2008. I’d love to get my hands on the raw data especially distance from coasts but even a qualitative glance reveals the attacks are shifting further from the coast with more action off the coast of Kenya.

They’ve changed it up. Will we?

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  • Jim Dolbow

    WE will change very slowly. There are non-lethal technologies the ships could employ against the pirates like microwaving the 1/64th of an inch of their skin will make them retreat. Great post and analysis! You got a great career ahead if you. keep it up!

  • sid

    Would seem to me that the area where these latest attacks are clustered will start to get too rough for attacks fairly soon