Sixty-seven years ago…

Day 1 – “Scratch One Flattop!”:

The first day of the carrier battle of Coral Sea, 7 May 1942, saw the Americans searching for carriers they knew were present and the Japanese looking for ones they feared might be in the area. (more at NHHC)

Day 2: We lose USS Lexington:

. . . Japanese struck the American carriers shortly after Eleven, and, in a fast and violent action, scored with torpedoes on Lexington and with bombs on both carriers… rest of the story here and here

Midway awaits…

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  • Byron

    Tactical draw, strategic win. The beginning of the road back. SJS, you going to do a series on the Battle of the Solomon Islands? I read a great book years ago, that detailed something like 5 or 7 distinct Naval engagments in very nice detail with maps (gotta have the maps!). I’d love to get that book again, but I can neither remember the name of the author or the book (hint, hint!).

    Thanks, SJS!

  • Jay

    Completely off topic — my apologies — but if you are in the DC region, USS FREEDOM, LCS 1 is in Alexandria, VA, and I believe open for tours. Not sure for how long, here is the link to the story:

  • Spade

    USS Freedom is open for tours from 1300 to 1630 on 8 May (Friday) and from 0900-1115 and 1300-1600 on 9 May (Saturday) at the Robinson Terminal between the ends of Wolfe and Duke Street. I’ll note that the Press Release I have said nothing of where she was docking except “Alexandria”, and makes no note of security arraignments (can I bring a camera?). I know where it is because I watched her pull under the bridge, and walked up to watch her tie up.

    Had a similar problem when she was at Annapolis. I wanted to go, but couldn’t find out where she was docked (figured USNA), security set up, or even times!

    Come on PAOs. If you’re going to say “come visit our ship” in a press release then make sure the place, times, and any drama causing issues are covered. That press release, and the one I got from Norfolk are crap if you actually want to go. Even the local news guys aren’t saying much other than maybe “you can visit on 8-9 May”. I’ve seen nothing in the Post or Examiner that they hand out on the Metro either, which everybody who rides the metro reads.

    Know where the only place I can find times are? LockMart’s website. Google “LCS-1 Alexandria” or “USS Freedom Alexandria” and see what you get.

    Also, amusing me, is the caption on that pic. “Pulls into port?” No, she pulled into port at night with a mist/drizzle. She’s docked up the day after there.

    /hijack rant off

  • Byron

    Threadjack? Bad dog, bad dog, no biscuit for you! 😉

  • Spade

    It’s Jay’s fault.

  • Jay

    Spade — lol…you one funny guy!