Ten percent of the incoming Coast Guard Academy class has H1N1:

“We were expecting to see the number go up before it came back down because we had a lot of tests out still,” Petty Officer Ryan Doss, an academy spokesman, said Monday. “The flipside is that the number of people coming into the clinic feeling symptomatic has gone down. We hope it’s an indication that this is going to keep declining, but we’re going to stay prepared for anything.”

There is a decent amount of people out there with the opinion that “It’s just the flu”. They are right, it is just the flu this time. However, the procedures we put in place for the flu now will likely be the same used in an inevitable future outbreaks of a more virulent pathogen. To venture dangerously into a sports metaphor: H1N1 is simply the exhibition game before the start of the real thing. We get it right now so we know what to do when it the disease is far more serious.

Hat Tip: Matt Berger.

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  • Merchant Marine Academy might have it as well:


    July 21, 2009 (Kings Point, Long Island, New York). Officials at the United States Merchant Marine Academy, located at Kings Point, Long Island, New York, have confirmed a number of suspected cases of influenza.

    As of Tuesday, July 21, 2009, there have been 2 confirmed cases of Type A influenza, while another 17 midshipmen have presented with influenza-like symptoms. While these cases have not yet been identified by health officials as H1N1 type virus, Academy and health officials are treating the cases as if they were novel influenza A (H1N1 or swine flu).

    Academy officials became concerned late last week when a number of midshipmen began to exhibit flu-type symptoms. They were isolated from the rest of the student population to prevent transmission of the virus. Treatment has been coordinated with doctors from the North Shore-LIJ Health System, the Academy’s health service provider. One midshipman was hospitalized overnight and subsequently sent home. All midshipmen are responding well to treatment.

    “We are taking a number of active precautions, and following the protocols established by the Centers for Disease Control and the Nassau County Health Department,” reported Rear Admiral Allen Worley, the Academy’s superintendent. “Our primary concern is for the well-being of our midshipmen. We are focused on their recovery, and working to mitigate against the further spread of the illness.”

    Health officials emphasize that normal flu preventive measures such as hand washing and cough etiquette should be followed. The Academy is also taking precautions to safeguard its faculty and staff.

    The Academy is not in full session at this time. 291 freshmen members of the Class of 2013 reported for their summer training on July 9th, with another 225 student officers, training instructors, and summer school students also present. An additional 275 upperclassmen will return to the campus on July 25th, and regular classes will resume on July 29th. There are 220 midshipmen training at sea.

    The United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York, is located fifteen miles from New York City. It is one of the nation’s five service academies, and is operated by the Maritime Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Graduates receive a United States Coast Guard Merchant Marine license, a Bachelor of Science Degree, and are commissioned Ensigns in the U. S. Navy Reserve.

  • Don Mitchel

    Dear Sirs, With glaciers melting and new shipping lanes opening in the Arctic perhaps the Coast Guard might like to examine this web site to see if their proposed ballast water regulation are strong enough. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1676296/