There is simply a horrible amount of bad spin, opinion, and positioning going on about COMISAF/COMUSFOR-A Gen. McChrystal and what he said at the International Institute of Strategic Studies last week. The best reporting, again, is in the UK press.

I will hold my fire as I think the General said what he said, where he said it, and when he said it – for a reason. Watch it and make the call yourself.

Their server is swamped, but the link above to IISS will take you to a slow running cache of the whole thing from their site. As that has been choked most of the day, I will add a few off site videos for you to review.

Here is a short Executive Summary:

You can just see the Q-n-A here.

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  • andrewdb

    Prof. Grimsley watches this so you don’t have to, and likes what he sees. Oddly, it seems the media reports might not be totally accurate.

    See here:

  • UltimaRatioReg

    The fallout from this will be interesting. Nothing he said was anything that was not said previously, and presumably, it was this very analysis that caused him to be chosen by the Commander in Chief to serve in command.

    BHO and JB and the rest of the administration (and Congressional leaders) ought to tread thoughtfully and carefully on this one. We shall see….

  • Most of us – and most certainly Gen. McChrystal and SECDEF Gates have read Dereliction of Duty.

    I wonder if, ahem, others have as well.

  • UltimaRatioReg

    The book likely cost Col McMaster a pass or two. After all, it was the fathers/mentors of today’s Army at which he aimed his bow….

    “Others” should have that book dog-eared and well-highlighted. But again, we shall see.