Go Navy! Beat Army!

December 2009


Go Navy! As the independent forum, we shouldn’t take sides but on this…well..Beat Army!

And to our friends at Black Five who who support the opposing *cough* losing *cough* team, we echo their sentiment:

The hyper-competitiveness of the game represents not just a rivalry in branch of service, but of service to the country. It’s a healthy rivalry and respect is paid to both the Army and the Navy at the end of the day. Remember that the young men on the football field this Saturday will soon be leading troops and fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan or where-ever-the-hell-else we send them.

And sometimes you have to be man enough to make a fool enough of yourself…or lose a bet

Sorry Army! Go Navy!

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  • I absolutely love the second vid, especially the people who talk to and fro behind them as though nothing unusual is going on.