Help is on the way! Just wished the United States had more hospital ships so our response would be even faster!

Thoughts and prayers with the people of Haiti.

Posted by Jim Dolbow in Navy

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  • I hope they load her to the gills with extra supplies and personnel as well. Of all the nation’s in this hemisphere to be hit … Haiti.

    COMFORT will be busy.

  • Fouled Anchor
  • Valerie Noel, RN

    Is there a need for Baltimore-based civilian infusion/ICU RNs willing to participate in this effort?

  • KT

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to volunteer to go to Haiti I am a registered nurse

  • Byron

    Somebody at Lex’s place said that the airfield at PAP is closed. The tower is down, and even though civilian mercy flights were ready to go, they were told to hold till tomorrow. Military flights only at this time.

  • Valerie Noel, RN

    Just heard the airport is open, and relief planes are landing. With the airport’s close proximity to PAP, distributing needed basic supplies shouldn’t be too bad.

  • HM1 linda eberhart

    Good Luck with your trip. I remember the feeling of excitement to be able to go and help somewhere. I was on USNS Comfort Desert Shield/storm. You have a wonderful chance to do something great. Take extra gloves, and red bags…Wish I could go with you.

  • Burdi

    Good luck, USNS Comfort. I did a search to see what I could find out about your mission to help those folks in Haiti…and found your blog. Just wanted to let you know that I’m so proud (as an American) to know that you are on the way there. Please keep us posted about the good work that you do when you get there. We need to have hope that you will be able to make a difference.

  • mark nelson


    I’m an HM2 Navy Reservist who served a month on the Comfort this last May. Was wondering if you knew if there will be a call for reservists to help man the ship?

    Thank you!

  • Andy

    7 ships are headed that way, including the vinson, the comfort, an amphib assault, two dock landing ships, a cruiser out of Norfolk and a frigate out of Mayport. NECC is sending troops. P-3s and helos are on the way. SoCom is sending 30 specialist. The Air Force is sending air traffic control specialist to run the intact but unpowered airport.


  • FbL

    Just heard the airport is open, and relief planes are landing. With the airport’s close proximity to PAP, distributing needed basic supplies shouldn’t be too bad.

    Unfortunately, the main road from the airport to PAP is unpassable. Last I heard, the UN was bringing in supplies through the Dominican Republic. They desperately need the airlift capabilities of the US military.

  • Judith Graybeal Eagle

    Available (30-year atty., fine health, fluent French, some medical knowledge, other) to accompany any ship or flight to render emergency relief. So is tenant who spent time in Iraq commanding over l00 contractors, has EMT certification, fine health.

    Can leave within three hours.

  • HM1 linda eberhart

    Hope that you still have the televisions we left to keep up with the news coming out of port a prince. NO HOSPITAL.. DEMOLISHED.
    houses on top of houses. bodies being put in streets for identification. Be ready..40,000 americans live in country.
    found less than 160 so far.. OMG, good luck, god speed.. Stay strong you will see terrible horrors here..Aid coming from everywhere.

  • Jim Dolbow

    Thanks everyone! Will keep you posted!!!

  • Ann Moffitt Whitson

    I spent time on the Comfort also during Desert Shield/Storm. I am feeling a sense of heart felt pride in our ship and hope those who are able to go with her on this important journey, strength and god speed. I know you all will do us proud.

  • The first US ship to arrive on scene was not Navy….it was USCG!


    Fouled Anchor linked the story in the second response to this post. But I just wanted to second that emotion, lol!

    From the Navy Times article –
    “The 270-foot-medium endurance cutter Forward arrived off Port-au-Prince Wednesday morning, according to the Coast Guard. The cutter is equipped with a helicopter flight deck, satellite communications equipment, and the ability to provide coordination to military aircraft in the area. Two Coast Guard C-130 airplanes are flying the coast of Western Haiti doing damage assessments and searching for people in need of assistance. Two HH-60 helicopters are forward deployed to Guantanamo Bay and to Providenciales of the Turks and Caicos islands to provide rescue or other assistance.”

    BZ Guardians!

  • God, if only we had kept the SS United States in a ready reserve state. It would probably have arrived tomorrow. What was MURAD thinking? God Speed USNS Comfort.

  • HM1 Roy Smith

    Retired Navy Corpman willing to volunteer where ever needed. Skills in First aid, triage, counseling, and Advance Clinical Laboratory Medicine

  • HM1 linda eberhart
  • Swanny

    “Just wished the United States had more hospital ships so our response would be even faster!”

    Speaking of fast, its hard to understand the logic of having such a slow vessel as a hospital ship(17.5knots). Who ever heard of an ambulance lumbering along the road on its way to an accident? The ships master noted it would take 5 days to reach Haiti, once she’s underway. What they SHOULD do(for the future) is obtain & renovate the SS United States for use as a hospital ship. Top speed: 44 knots! Well over double what the Comfort can do. Now THAT would make more sense.

  • Jim Dolbow
  • CJD

    I second the thought that maybe it is time we build a Hospital ship with Fast Lift capabilities. I know it is expensive to pre position the materials needed for any disaster on a ship with no C-date but it seems as if the Comfort and Mercy are getting worked more and more these days for missions they where not designed for.
    A purpose built humanitarian relief ship with augmented capabilities like desalination/power generation. RO/RO capabilities, as well as on board container lift ability(cranes) for unimproved or damaged port facilities. And while we are dreaming maybe a few Lighters on board for reaching those really hard to reach places.
    I always take a great amount of pride when the United States steps up and helps out like no other country can. Maybe it is time that we fund such a idea and become the super power that can project a symbol of our humanitarian belief’s at a moments notice.
    In the mean time God Speed and safe passage to the Men and Women aboard the Comfort. We are all behind you on your mission.