Enterprise-petition-buttonReaders here will recall the petition we launched last July when it came to light that there was a “sense” of Congress motion passed that the next ship following the Gerald Ford (CVN-78) should be named after Barry Goldwater. You will recall we were, well, less than enthusiastic (to put it charitably) that yet another capitol ship was going to be named after a politician, when there was a prospect we’d be without an Enterprise in the fleet of carriers envisioned post-2013 (CVN-65’s presumed decom).

Evidently, many more of you feel the same way – emphatically so by the comments on the petition. At almost 6 months to go, we are closing in on 2,000 signatures (1,986 as of 18 Jan 2010). Outstanding as that is, I’d like to see if that can be doubled in the remaining six months. My intention is to print out the petition for delivery to the Secretary of the Navy, CNO and Senator Webb (my senator and a former SECNAV), hopefully in person, as a direct and tangible “sense” of both our nation and friends abroad (check the countries of some of the signers). But that’s not all – I want to do this before the 50th Anniversary of the christening and launch of the current USS Enterprise (24 Sept 1960).

Time is pressing – there are no namings for a carrier slated for this year, but that is no guarantee that something won’t be pulled behind closed doors. Just take a look at this document and see what is in the wings: RS22478_20091223_Navy-Ship-Names_23Dec09 (downloads PDF)

So please, lend a hand, post an article or link, advocate, write your Senators and Representatives.


Let’s see if we can get 4,000 – 5,0000 or more signatures on this petition! (ed. BTW, we are one of the top 10 petitions at epetitions.net! – SJS)

Let our effort be the very definition of the word — and in the spirit of the ship we would see named “ENTERPRISE”!


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  • CDR Lumpy

    How about USS United States, enough of these self-congratulating politicians. I didn’t go to OIF/OEF for them, I went for the citizens of the United States.

  • Nancy Hettinger

    The only politicians that deserve something named after them are the founders of this country. As the daughter of Ltjg Swanson who was a silver star recipient on the USS Franklin (CV-13) during WWII, I would even vote to name this carrier the Franklin since she was known as “The ship that wouldn’t die” for the bombing that she endured and survived! At any rate Enterprise, America or United States would all be better than Barry Goldwater. In todays vernacular “Are you kidding me?”

  • Raymond Henker

    I personally think that this whole issue is a disgrace. Names of warships are actually important; they need to give the Navy inspiration and espirit de corps. They also represent what America is all about. Let us please stop naming warships/capital ships after politicians and name them after adjectives, places, battles, or great statesmen. We already have a number of these, but naming a warship after Goldwater is totally ridiculous. Let us name the next carrier the USS JERRY LEWIS! How about that?

  • Spade

    Already signed the petition. But I have $5 that says the Navy whores this one out too.

    If it wasn’t bad luck (St. Lo and all that), and I was in charge, I’d go with renaming most of the Nimitz class too. And many others.

  • Dymaxion

    I agree with CDR Lumpy and the rest of the signatories… let’s get back to PRINCIPLES! People have their failings, principles are ideal(s).
    USS FREEDOM was a good start. Continue with Assurance, Courageous, Dauntless, Endurance, ENTERPRISE, Illustrious, Intrepid, Invincible, Liberty, Reliant, Resolute, Vigilant, etc.

  • Jon David Wanner

    The name USS Enterprise goes back to the birth of our nation. USS Enterprise CV-6 was not only the finest carrier of World War II, it helped set the standards and the traditions that every aircraft carrier follow until this day. CVN-65, carried on those traditions and inspired many young boys and girls, not just in America, but from around the world. Without a ship name Enterprise on the high seas, the navy should be scrapped!

    How could a USS Goldwater inspire any child imagination? Where is the tradition? CVN-79 should be USS Enterprise, and I’m all for renaming the Nimitz’s class.

  • Alexander Breunig

    I’m actually German and I can tell everybody in the states that whole issue is atually even causing waves at least here in Europe too and I’m pretty sure all around the world.

    It may not matter to American politicians but there is a huge support for this petition on the other side of the pond. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the curageous support and sacrifice of American soldiers and the U.S. carrier fleet was always a beacon and sign for that invaluable support. Especially the Enterprise has been and is a celebrity here. U.S. politicians should be aware that the Navy’s ships are not “just” an inspiration to American people but to people around the globe.
    I can relate to Chester N. Nimitz, to JFK, of course to George Washington, Abe Lincoln or Theo Roosevelt etc. as knowing these greats is common knowledge here as they all had an impact on the whole globe but sorry who the heck is Barry Goldwater???

    I may not be American but I will always be inspired by a USS ENTERPRISE or a USS America or a USS Freedom.

    It may not matter at all but petition signed Sir!!

  • What is the value of a name? The Aircraft Carrier dose not exists simply to project force. In truth, it represents a global authority implied by our Constitution, by our Values and Ideals, and by our dedication to the principles of freedom, not only for ourselves but for all Humanity. The US Navy’s own commercial tag line says it all; “AMERICA’S NAVY – A Global Force for Good”.
    With rare exception naming ships after people such as heroes and past service members, or politicians, has been and should be applied to other classes of ships. Give the Carriers names that signify the history, inspiration and spirit of what these ships and our navy represent.
    Names like Enterprise, Intrepid, Midway, Constellation, Constitution, Gettysburg, Saratoga, Yorktown, etc… And on a personal note, we did not preserve CV-6 at the end of World War Two. We should have! She saved our nation and deserved better than the scrapper’s yard.
    I say name the ships after ships not people, name the next Aircraft Carrier USS ENTERPRISE!!!
    I sign this petition with great pride.
    William R. York

  • J J Duffy

    I agree that US Navy should always have a Air Craft Carrier named The Enterprise. I also am in firm belief that no ship should be named after a living person and that their should be a 10 to 20 year waiting period after that person death before naming a ship after that person. I also feel that if a ship naval ship is to be named after a person certain criteria needs to be established such as military service or heroic deed etc. That being said my votes for CVN-79 is USS Enterprise, CVN-80 USS America, CVN-81 USS Independence, CVN-82 USS Langley, CVN-83 USS Lexington, CVN-83 USS Saratoga, CVN-84 USS Ranger, CVN-85 USS Yorktown, CVN-86 USS Wasp.

  • stinger

    I agree absolutely ….

    CDR Lumpy Says:
    How about USS United States, enough of these self-congratulating politicians. I didn’t go to OIF/OEF for them, I went for the citizens of the United States.

    USS Enterprise, USS United States or USS America….no politicians anymore…..NO!

    God save y`all

  • I have signed the petition.

    Knowlegdeable Civilian here; I’d rather not see the US Navy without a vessel named “Enterprise” for the first time ever.

    I live in Boston; I’m honoured to have the oldest commissioned warship in the world in my harbor. I was very surprised to learn the current Enterprise is the second-oldest.

    The tradition must be maintained.

    Besides…don’t politicians have enough stuff named after themselves already?

  • Wayne Conell

    I believe our armed forces are built on tradition and history. The name ENTERPRISE is all that and more.. and to forget all that is to forget all those men and women that died in uniform.
    Whats in a name? CV6 WAS THE ONLY AIRCRAFT CARRIER started WWII and ended the war intact and thats history that deserves our loyality…….. more then any politician

  • Vincent Morris

    I am currently on USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65) and being new to the Navy i really enjoy hearing about the pride that people have when they talk about their time on this great warship. ENTERPRISE IS LEGEND!!! and we need to keep her legend alive. USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-79) MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

    YN3 Morris, Vincent

  • Ed Nieves

    The name Enterprise, like the Constitution, is an American ICON. Through our history, that name symbolized the stregth and majesty of our Naval forces. That name has been part of ships that have defended our country and way of life. Like Constitution, there should ALWAYS be an Enterprise in our fleet, and she should always be a ship of the line. It would be a dishonor to ourselves if we do not name CVN-79 U.S.S. Enterprise; may she be named so, and may she inspire all Americans with her name for another 50 years and beyond!

  • John Peter Griffin

    I agree. My propositions : CVN-79 “Enterprise”, CVN-80 “America”, CVN-81 “Forrestal”, CVN-82 “Independence”, CVN-83 “Ranger”, CVN-84 “Constellation”, CVN-85 “United States”, CVN-86 “John F. Kennedy”.

    • Louis E.

      The powers that be have named CVN-79 John F Kennedy,CVN-80 Enterprise,and LHA-6 America.

      I want to see CVN-81 be a new Constellation,restoring the name of the first U.S. Navy vessel to put to sea as the old CV-64 is scrapped.

  • Byron

    I’d appreciate if you stuck a “Saratoga” in there….

  • Byron

    Belay my last…by and large, our CV(N)s used to be named after Revolutionary war battles or related events or personages: Cowpens, Franklin, Saratoga; ships of the line from the early days of our independance: Ranger, Constellation.

    ANY name of those days, and absolutely ZERO politicians that haven’t been dead at LEAST 150 years…..

  • Chuck Hill

    I would be OK with Lincoln or even Roosevelt (TF or FDR) but no one more recent.

    Go back to Battles and Famous ships.

  • Rob Weiss

    How about naming CVN-79 as the U.S.S. TAX Payer….

  • Taray Jennings

    I think it is a sad day when Capital Ships are named for people still alive or who did not serve overseas or who did not receive the Medal Of Honor. Fleet Admiral Chester William Nimitz is a name that any sailor would be proud to serve on but Reagan and Bush are not universally loved and Barry Goldwater never became president. He didn’t even serve in the Navy. He was Air Force for gosh sakes. What is his claim to fame, being five times voted in as a Senator from Arizona. If his name goes through there will be a mini-class of carriers which should be dubbed the Republican Class.
    Enterprise is a proud name for a carrier in the proud tradition of CV-6 and CVN-65 and even before carrier aviation there were ships named Enterprise in our Navy. A proud name for a proud ship.

  • Ryon Olson

    I personally would enjoy seeing the CVN-79 be named Enterprise, but I would rather we start a new tradition. I suggest that if we name it Enterprise, then it’s registry should be CVN-65-A, in honor of the soon to be decommissioned (As of about 2013) Enterprise CVN-65, who has more military honors than any other currently commissioned carrier.

  • Ryon:

    Sorry, but I must disagree as that runs counter to the intent of hull numbering and smacks too much of Star Trek – and if one were to go by battle honors alone, CV-6 trumps CVN-65…

    w/r, SJS

  • Byron

    I agree with SJS.

  • Ryon Olson

    Well, it was just an idea. I’m alright with it being called CVN-79. I just hope the current Enterprise won’t suffer the same fate of the USS Iowa. The ship is falling apart, and is soon to be scrapped. I would rather see the Iowa still in commission and maybe see the Enterprise go through with one more tour of duty before being decommissioned.

  • Cate

    So far as I know she is slated for two more 6 month deployments before she is scrapped. I’d like to see her become a museum, but from what I’ve read on (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Enterprise_(CVN-65) (which I know isn’t the greatest place for accurate info) they said “Once the Navy dismantles and recycles the ships’ reactors, there will be nothing left to turn into a museum;[31] virtually everything two decks below the hangar bay would have to be cut apart” I hate to say this but they’re right. There won’t be to much of her left. Which saddens me that the greatest carrier and the first nuclear carrier won’t be around for future generations to admire and learn from.

    However I don’t think the name should be so easy for them to throw into “The sink”. As I’ve said before the name Enterprise demands respect and has been around since the dawn of the Navy. After 7 ships before her respect is more than due. The name has become a Navy tradition. How can we teach Honor, Courage and Commitment when the Navy is so willing to do away with an age old tradition? It’s bad enought they’ve changed all the uniforms (yes, they might be more comfortable) so now we look like a Dept. of Marines (nothing wrong with the Marines). Before when you’d look at someone in the service you KNEW who was in the Navy. Yes, I hated my utilities more than anyone (and out to sea you hardly worm them anyways), but the working white and blues there was nothing wrong with them.
    Sorry didn’t mean you write a whole novel…

    • Louis E.

      The Constellation of 1797 was a way bigger ship than the Enterprise of 1799…and now that CVN-80 is to be Enterprise there’s no excuse for CVN-81 not to be Constellation.

  • Joseph Mitchell

    I think cvn78 be name enterprise not ford maybe cvn79 maybe name ford

  • Bill Krause

    Is the petition closed? I’ve tried to sign it but without avail.

  • SEAL76

    Name the new carrier the “Enterprise”. We don’t need to name ships after politicians. I would go nuts if we ever named a ship “USS Clinton” after all he despised the military and I guess the navy as well. And the “USS Obama” well that just sucks.

  • Tom Kirschbaum

    The United States Congress in the 21st century has no concept of “Naval Traditions.” When teaching my sons & Cub Scouts about the Pacific Theater of World War II, from beginning to end I have them follow U.S.S. Enterprise CV-6. When the War on Terrorism began it was U.S.S. Enterprise CVN-65 that stood the first watch amoung many other first watches in her storied career. Even in the entertainment world they know what name to bestow on their loyal fans. The new Hawaii Five-0’s Steve McGarrett called upon a friend onboard U.S.S. Enterprise; NCIS’s view of the Norfolk Navy Base showed in the distance U.S.S. Enterprise. There are other traditional Naval names that should be kept alive as well but this country, & possibly the world, owes a debt to keeping “ENTERPRISE” on the seas for generations to come. TRADITION & HONOR, Congress, get at least one thing correct this century; U.S.S. ENTERPRISE CVN-79!

    P.S. Happy 49th Anniversary U.S.S ENTERPRISE CNV-65

  • Daniel Cox

    The Enterprise her task force and their crews of WWII set the standard for professionalism in the US Navy and inspired hope for all the soldiers she supported. This is a name that should be carried forward to inspire future generations to their own great deeds. It is time for the “Lucky E” to go back to work.
    And as an American: who the heck is Barry Goldwater?

  • Byron

    Barry Goldwater ran for president back when I was a young’n against none other than John Kennedy.

  • Bill Rodgers

    I’m in agreement that we need to go back to the traditional means of naming. If we wish to honor a person, then stick their names ona frigate or destroyer. Name the carriers for our ships that have served with distnction over the time of our country. That being said, here is my listing of shipp names for the class.

    CVN-79 is USS Enterprise, CVN-80 USS Lexington, CVN-81 USS Yorktown, CVN-82 USS Saratoga, CVN-83 USS Ranger , CVN-83 USS Hornet, CVN-84 USS Wasp, CVN-85 USS Independance , CVN-86 USS America .

    • Louis E.

      CVN-79 and 80 are now named.America is also in use.
      I think we need a Constellation more than the other names you mention.

  • Craig Schlesinger

    Yes – 79=Enterprise. I couldn’t help but notice a GOP trend – Truman, Regan, GHWBush, GFord… but I digress.

    Yes – name this boat ENTERPRISE!!

    • Louis E.

      Truman was a Democrat.
      Now that they’ve named CVN-80 Enterprise will you support Constellation for CVN-81?

  • reapertaz

    uss enterprise has been an icon for well over 50 yrs dating all the way back before ww11 and has inspired a generation i do agree to keep this icon alive

  • Ryon Olson

    I’ve been thinking, how about we also try to get the navy to keep the current Enterprise in commission until a new one is built? Because, look at how much money we’ve already put into that ship. Over $660 million. That ship deserves something more than being torn apart for scrap or becoming an artificial reef. If I had the money, I’d pay the Navy to keep that ship in commission for as long as possible.

  • Calum Wilson

    USS Enterprise CV-79 could be the flagship of the United States
    I just hope congress will make it a reality

  • Richard Ritz

    Let’s continue a great tradition and name CVN-79 ENTERPRISE. The US Navy without a USS Enterprise? Unthinkable. I implore Congress and the US Navy Admirals to keep the name “Enterprise”.

  • Richard Ritz

    The name “Arizona” is a great name, but if it were used for CVN-79, that would be the only US carrier named after a State. State names are currently used to name nuclear submarines, so let’s keep it that way. I agree, naming ships after politicians is dubious at best. So, “America”, “Enterprise”, or “United States”. These are all great names, but I prefer “Enterprise”!!

    • Louis E.

      Star Trek has soured me on the name Enterprise,but there is to be one nonetheless.

      I want to see a BBGN-72,maybe that will carry a state name.
      And CVN-81 should be a new Constellation.

  • Richard Ritz

    I understand keeping CVN-65 as a museum ship may not be possible because removing the nuclear reactors would damage the ship beyond use as a museum ship. I also implore someone to start thinking about this now…..there must be a way to do it without destroying the vessel so it could be preserved as a museum for future generations of Americans to enjoy.

  • David Piland

    Okay all, we’ve now talked all year long. Is it time to set up an association or some other program to start mustering groups to press congress to name her Enterprise?

  • Manuel Alfonso Rodriguez III

    Yes, I agree CVN-79 should be named Enterprise. As for naming capital ships after politicians, it should be at least, 50 yrs. after their death. Not to diminish ships already named after Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush which are formidable in their own right. There also should be an aircraft carrier named after Thomas Jefferson. After all, he is the author of our constitution. Furthermore, all who were involved with our constitution should have these great capital ships bearing their names. Those who are trying to petition the naming of said hull number to Arizona are notwithstanding. In that, it was a tragedy and great trepidation that battleship during bombing of Pearl Harbor was sunk and now a standing monument for heroism during WWII.
    Having said that, we should have the next CGN or BBGN named after her. Name itself will not be for a state anymore, it will be for a ship and the men who served on her. With the thought of CVN-65 not being museum potential due to her defueling of her reactors. We should look into trying to use her as a nuclear powerplant for some small city by the bay. Not to mention, giving some of our men who actually work on reactors for the Navy an opportunity. I just wish I saw this petition when it first came out.

    • Louis E.

      BBGN is definitely a hull type I want to see…a stretched Montana with 18-inch guns,a railgun turret,and VSTOL craft to go with the missiles.
      CVN has been named (John F Kennedy) and Enterprise used (CVN-80) so let’s make CVN-81 a new Constellation.

  • Manuel Alfonso Rodriguez III

    @Craig Schlesinger;

    Harry S. Truman was a democrat.

  • Randy the Navy brat

    The Navy is run on tradition.
    One of the oldest is Enterprise. The fleet has had an Enterprise since before we were a nation. It needs one now.
    Star Trek jokes abound, but keep in mind that when Roddenberry was looking for a ship name to epitomize the very best of his fleet he chose Enterprise because EVERYONE in his audience would recognize the meaning and tradition and see the connection to our own world.
    I dare any American to try to think of the USS ENTERPRISE, and not also feel national pride and know they are safe because it is theirs.

    • Louis E.

      Thanks to Roddenberry,too many connect Enterprise to HIS world.
      The traditional name most in need of revival for a carrier is Constellation.

  • Jerry Doyle

    I am so SICK of the Navy throwing away tradition to win favor in appropriation money from D.C. Heck yes we need CVN-79 to be named U.S.S. Enterprise! CVN-80 needs to be named the U.S.S. Benjamin Franklin. Please update me as to where I can sign and forward this petition.

    • Louis E.

      We need a Constellation.
      The Franklin name was last used for a submarine.

  • Steve Goulden

    I would love to see the Enterprise to be born again as CVN-79. Some how it needs to be a museum in San Francisco so Captain Kirk can find it.

  • Steve Goulden

    You could also change CVN-79 to CVN-65-A as Star Trek did

  • Wharf Rat

    It’s been awhile since some of these comments were made. There was at least two that suggested ‘America’ be the name of a CVN.

    Please note that Pre-commissioning Unit America LHA 6 is currently being built in Pascagula, MS. ‘America’ will be back to sea, estimated to commission in 2013. I attended the Keel Authentication and Naming Ceremony. The USS America Carrier Veteran Association’s constant effort at getting ‘America’ back to sea paid off. Hand Salute to that association!

    Their goal was a CVN, but first in class LHA is a nice 2nd option. Our smallest carrier is bigger than any others largest carrier, and that include’s the French (really about the same weight and length).

  • Name generator

    I agree to no more names of politicians. Check some of these possible names.

    -USS World Trade Center
    -USS Neil Armstrong
    -USS Star Destroyer
    -USS September 11
    -USS Spartan
    -USS “Colossus of Clout” Babe Ruth
    -USS Earth

    • Louis E.

      We need to reuse more classic names like Constellation.

  • Henry H Goff

    I served aboard USS Carl Vinson. He was not a President, but a true Statesman. I agree. We should not name carriers after Presidents any longer. We’ve already lost Ranger, Constellation, Kitty Hawk, America, Coral Sea, etc. These names should have carried on. It would be nice to have a crew disembark Enterprise CVN-65 upon her decommissioning, and immediately board Enterprise CVN-79 or 80 on the other side of the pier for commissioning. That way our carrier force is never without an Enterprise.

    • Louis E.

      I hope to see CVN-81 named Constellation.
      As for Enterprises,CVN-65 is out of service and CVN-80 is still waiting to start construction.

  • Roy Benson

    I have been on several carriers in my lifetime but the two that were the most Magical were my first, the Constellation and then the Enterprise. Our Navy without an Enterprise would be like not having a John Paul Jones or a Turner Joy (apparently we are currently without a Turner Joy, fix it Navy!). It just ain’t right! CVN 80 Should be USS Constellation CVN 81 Ranger etc . . . .

    • Louis E.

      CVN-80 is to be Enterprise,so let CVN-81 be Constellation.

  • Roy Benson

    Regarding naming another ship Arizona. I was told that there would never be an Arizona so as not to take the reverence away from the name. I understand the good people of Arizona wanting another ship also.

  • Mitch Roberson

    Being a fan of the NAVY, I could not imagine our carrier fleet without an Enterprise. CV6 had two Presidential citations, and 20 battle stars. The only major carrier battle it missed was the Battle of Coral Sea, (she was escorting Hornet for the Doolittle Raid.) CVN65 has served as a continuation of that tradition for carriers, leading the way for nuclear power to project air power when & where needed around the world for 50 years. Failing to continue without an Enterprise would be a slap to all sailors who served aboard the “Big E”, or escorted her around the world. Honor their service and sacrifice for the defense of our nation and the traditions of the United States Navy. Continue the names of Enterprise,Constitution,Saratoga, Columbia, United States,and Yorktown; all names which have served the Navy with honor and distinction. Known around the world, honored by our allies, and feared by others. Enterprise must be allowed to continue to serve, for it will always be recognized as a force of power for the Navy.

    • Louis E.

      I think Constellation should have gone before Enterprise (old one out of service first),but now let’s have it be the next one after the new Enterprise.

  • Ryan

    I am all for CVN-79 named Enterprise.

  • Dave

    Make it so

  • Keith

    How about the USS JEREMY MICHAEL BOORDA? We wouldnt be the Navy we are today and have the programs we have if it werent for him.

  • YN2 Vernon Parker

    I would love to sign the petition as I think this is the right thing to do. The name Enterprise should live on in a lead class ship for the US as it has significance in Naval history, especially withthe current ship of that name being a clear representative to a ship lasting and being nuclear safe, and the name also carries with it a pop culture reference that is significant enough to garner more support from the US population.

  • Jon

    USS Enterpise for CVN-79 all the way! It’s historic! Enough politician names! How bout USS America for CVN-80??

    • Louis E.

      USS America is LHA-6 and Enterprise will be CVN-80.

  • Jeffrey Myers

    The name Enterprise is one of the oldest names in the US military. She was one of the first ships of the newly formed US Navy, and nearly every generation since there has been an “Enterprise”. It has even influenced our popular culture. Some ships served with distinction (CV-6), while others are nearly forgotten. It is at this point that it is un-American not to have a USS Enterprise on the list of active ships in the world. Forget the TV shows, the press and the hype and lets look at where we came from, our past, out traditions, and our culture. Many people all over the world know the current Nimitz class Enterprise, she has helped in many relief efforts, and her planes have taken the the cause of freedom to our enemies front doors and she is the latest to carry on the noble name USS Enterprise. She has served for a half a century and is near retirement. It is not a case of “can we” or “should we” assign a vessel with this traditional name. There HAS TO BE a vessel in the United States arsenal named USS Enterprise to carry on the to carry on where her lineage left off. To continue to advance the cause of Freedom and not only serve the people of the United States, but to be a beacon of hope to all the people of the world.

    • Louis E.

      The CVN-65 was NOT Nimitz class,it was a precursor that was intended to lead a class that got cancelled.
      We’ve been waiting for a new Constellation longer than a new Enterprise and you Enterprise-lovers will be getting your new ship first anyway.The name of the first of the original six frigates to put to see is more of a priority to me than that of a smaller ship from two years later.

  • Michael Kohan

    If there is only one ship left in the United States Navy, that ship should be named ENTERPRISE.

    • Louis E.

      No,it would better be one of the “Six original frigate” names.

  • Dr_Bob Brennan

    I too, feel that CVN-79 should be named USS ENTERPRISE and NOT after any currently living or passed politicians…the name of our latest version of naval architecture & technology ought to reflect the spirit & tradition of the USN and our enterprising country…imho. I’m with Michael Kohan…if we had only one ship to call upon to aid us in whatever we’re facing, I’d prefer it to be the Enterprise, not a vessel named after some politician (fallible beings that we are!)…My short tribute to the men & women of our Navy!!! Let’s Roll, Big E!!!

  • CAPT John A. Rodgaard, USN Ret

    The name ENTERPRISE is second only to the CONSTITUTION in name recognition. Ironically, the name is known around the world. My son, who served on CVN65 in the mid-1990s told me when the ship pulled into a port, thousands would come out to see her. Thanks to Star Trek.
    As a boy, I saw CV6 turn into razor blades.
    For almost 80 years, there has been a USS ENTERPRISE in our fleet. It is the very least that we can do is to keep the name alive. CVN79 should carry the name into the 21st century.

  • Lea Hendrickson

    I served on the Big E in the mid to late 90’s. Everyday at sea was not always easy, but looking back I am proud to have served on Navy’s most enduring and noble representative of the strength, courage, and compassion of this great nation.

    The doors that separate the hanger bays have paintings of all the predecessors with the name Enterprise. From wind power to nuclear power, the Enterprise has always been the tip of the spear for the world’s finest fleet. Never backing down from a challenge, she has always lived up to the motto,” Ready on Arrival”. Navy ships bearing the Enterprise name are a great source of pride in this country so much so that Gene Roddenberry named his Star Trek spaceship after it, and NASA did too!!!

    As previously mentioned, people all around the world came to see the Big E. One of my fondest memories was seeing a huge crowd of supporters flying the Stars and Stripes at the Red Sea end of The Ditch (the Suez Canal) as we were headed to take care of business with Saddam. They were there to see the jewel of the fleet, the Enterprise.

    The thought of not having another carrier named Enterprise to carry on this long tradition is just unimaginable.

    Let me apologize up front, but I want to correct a comment I saw earlier. The current Big E with her 8 reactors is definitely in a class all her own, and not in the Nimitz class.

    I wholeheartedly agree that CVN79 should carry the name, Enterprise, well into the 21st century.

  • WadeWilson

    All due respect to the men who gave their lives on the USS Arizona. To those who foolishly wish to name CVN79 after BB39…She has never been stricken, or decomissioned in honor of those who will serve aboard her for eternity. Going to the next slap in the face to those honorable men, and the millions of others who have served, or died for this nation’s freedom in the navy by pulling Goldwater out of thin air is just absolutely insulting. There should be no other name even considered but ENTERPRISE.

  • Ryan Piccoli

    The ENTERPRISE is a U.S. legend and As soon as the old ENTERPRISE is decommissioned another ENTERPRISE should be there and ready to kick but

  • Ryan Piccoli

    With respect to the Arizona and Goldwater. they can wait there turn because ENTERPRISE has such history and spirit. I would love to join the navy if i can work on the CVN-79 ENTERPRISE.

  • Brock Pooler

    I am currently serving aboard the USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65), and I am proud to see such discussion about the names of US Navy ships, and the outpouring of support I see for the USS ENTERPRISE. I can tell that you that deep down, each day, I am proud to serve on such a ship that embodies the deepest history, tradition, and legacy of excellence that CV-6 and the six other ENTERPRISE ships before her. I applaud the fact that everyone else agrees with me (and most of the Navy people I run into) that we need to return to ship names that are more meaningful. Names such as Kearsarge, Saratoga, Lexington, The Sullivans, Ticonderoga, Indianapolis, Parche, Iwo Jima, Arizona, Missouri, and even Vincennes will always inspire awe and courage in those serving aboard her, by the legacy that those who have gone before have created.
    Take a look at US Naval History, and look at the previous ships named for US battles, Naval Battles, Marine Battles, and historic Navy names (Kitty Hawk, Constellation, etc.). Names such as these will continue to inspire greatness in our United States Navy.
    – – Keep ENTERPRISE truly what it is – Revolutionary, Bold, and Risk-Taking!

  • Todd

    Disaster has struck again!
    They have named CVN-79 for John F Kennedy!
    JFK is a great name but not so soon after the last one!
    It should have been Arizona, Enterprise, or Lexington!
    Idiots at work again!
    Now I am really afraid for the next ssn names to finally
    come out!

    • Watch — will have a petition up for CVN-80 before the end of the holiday…
      w/r, SJS

  • Louis E.

    The announcement has now been made that the name of CVN-79 will be John F. Kennedy.

    For future ships,I think it’s more important to have a new Constellation–THE oldest ship name in the Navy–than an Enterprise.And I’d like to see BBGNs join the fleet!

  • Mike Heideman

    I do not know of a single reason why any US Navy vessel should be named after a politician, with the exception of the Founding Fathers. We need to return to tradional names and USS Enterprise should be at the top. We need names that inspire not only our sailors, but also the citizens of this country. Political names are corrupt in intent and devisive amoung sailors and citizens of this country. I believe that congress needs to pass legislation outlawing the naming of ships after politicians (Good Luck There) as the admirals will never have the guts are the authority to do otherwise.

  • Daniel R Grant Jr

    I served aboard the Enterprise CVAN-65, 46 years ago and my Grandson is serving aboard now, I think we should always have a ship named USS Enterprise.

  • Jon Kalina

    What most people do not realize is that a ship is another member of the crew that serves on her. The naming of a United States Navy Ship especially a capital ship, such as an aircraft carrier should not be taken lightly. Naming carriers after politicians is not consistent with the finest traditions of the navy. Traditionally the navy re-uses names of US Navy ships that have served exceptionally. Names such as Enterprise, Intrepid, Yorktown, Ranger, Vincennes, Hornet, Wasp, Constellation, and Constitution to name only a few have become the symbols of the United States Navy and if I had any say, the navy would always have ships in active service with these such names. I vote to name the first ship of the new class USS Enterprise, followed by names such as Ranger, Yorktown, Hornet, Wasp, Essex Etc. Politicians and other Naval and Marine heroes should be assigned to destroyers and Frigates in keeping with the traditions of the navy. The three battleships that were damaged beyond repair at pearl harbor have never had their names re-used out of respect for them. I think it is time to name 3 new ships, nothing less than an aircraft carrier or battleship USS ARIZONA, USS OKLAHOMA, and USS UTAH.

  • Adrian Palmer

    Speaking as someone from across the pond, it saddens me when CVNs are named after such recent politicians. I remember seeing the photos of Franklin and can’t believe another carrier hasn’t taken on it’s name. I support anyone who can stop the politicians rail-roading the Navy.

  • Hoosier Bill

    Personally, the US just spent a staggering 630 million some dollars to “upgrade” the USS Enterprise. Seems to me like a that a toss in the bucket compared to what a new ship would cost to build. Plus the fact that the Enterprise history. I think they should keep the ship in service and not send her to the scrap heap. My father served on this ship when it was first commissioned. The ship has served in more conflicts than any other ship in modern history. My dad told me of a number of stories about the ship that to this day have not been released to the public. Because of his job, and having to secret clearance. He was previe to a lot of the ships missions while the public was not aware. I think the neatest story he told me was when the Bay of pigs was taking place. Kennedy flew onto the ship unannounced. He rallied the boys on the ship and basically told the boys were going to kick Castro as*. There were countless other stores he told. To me the ship is a legend and I hope for the legacy of the “name” and the historical facts and conflicts that this ship has served in they dont scrap her. It would be great if they turn the ship into a floating museum. But then again the government has its own set of plans for the great ship. In my view, forget that my dad served on the great ship. This historical meaning and past history of this ship are priceless. When duty calls the Enterprise calls. Its funny that the original designation was that of CVAN-65. Funny thing is the “A” stands for attack. Shes a hunter and a killer in her own way. Lets hope the goofs up in the white house dont kill the legend and send her fate to scrap yard. Every major conflict in since it been commisioned its seen action in. In my view its if not the greatest ship, is the best ship in modern active history. When the Big E rolls hopeful on her last sail, she finds peace. Its served America well and commands respect world wide.

  • Jeffrey M Curtis

    When one considers the simple fact that if it was not for the first USS Enterprise this country might not have come into being.
    further more if it was not for CV 6 the other side would have won WWII. Not having a USS Enterprise in the USN is border line criminal in my opinion.

  • C.C.Murphy

    i agree with always having am Enterprise in our fleet. that name alone strikes fear into our enemies harts and wonder in kids. but ironically most don’t know where the name came from. how Benedict Arnold renamed a capture British sloop of war to it defending against the British in the Battle of Valcour Island. and ultimately leading to victory at several key battles for our Independence.

    I’m only 18 years of age, but this ship, no theses ships, every enterprise has inspired my life. getting me more and more interested in history and honestly could we say we would be a country if we lost battles like Saratoga.

    I’m asking you can we really give up something that’s been in our navy before we had a navy. and beside only ship i know of to receive a British Admiralty pendent is the enterprise (CV-6).

    so don’t get rid of the name, save for future generations, to inspire to something. because you know you apart of history if your on an Enterprise, and you know you can get the job done, look cv6 almost stayed in the pacific for half a year as the only carrier and the japs still couldn’t sink her, that name had luck.

    sorry to talk your ear off but save the name,for luck, for history, for our future generations, or just to show our enemies what they need to fear. we are Americans and we should have some say in what we name our ships, and what I’ve read so far all point to one thing, WE NEED AN ENTERPRISE IN OUR FLEET AT ALL TIMES.

    PS. please no more politicians names, if the next ship is named for Obama i might just kill my self 🙁

  • Jeff Feld

    Enterpise is a fine name for a ship, a great tie to our Navy history something missing today. I am a pretty well read / informed American, but what is Barry Goldwater’s tie to the Navy? As many have posted there are a lot of great options out there and anything from the original six frigates to the Big E would be a better choice.

  • Old Wreck from Baltic Sea side

    Only Americans could sell their best-known Fightin’ Lady among carriers (the old Enterprise) for scrap. The next Enterprise SHOULD HAVE BEEN NAMED “ELY” in honour of that young man who first dared to start an aeroplane from a warship. But they don’t love too much their heroes, and Ely HAD BEEN a hero…

  • Old Wreck from Baltic Sea side

    The USN seem to sink away into a bad tradition of sticking obstinately to a number of names, just like HAPAG-LLOYD or HAL (particularly).
    No sense of history at all. Life goes on and soon there will be no more war heroes among US Presidents.
    And people like Mr. Ely are unique – the World’s first naval aviator WAS only one in history, and choosing him would be a welcomed break in bad habit of sticking to a bad pattern. What about choosing battlefield names for carriers as it used once to be a routine? Another good idea for replacements of unpopular names of contemporary high-placed white collars with often dirty hands.

  • Scott E. Lee

    First, let’s dispose with this USS Arizona talk. Never again should any US Navy ship carry that name. Ever.

    USS Concord (recently decommissioned AFS-5)
    USS Enterprise
    USS Essex
    USS Firestall er, Forrestal
    USS Iwo Jima
    USS Kearsarge
    USS Langley
    USS Lexington
    USS Midway
    USS Oriskany
    USS Saratoga
    USS Ticonderoga
    USS Yorktown

    Then there’s the Holy Trinity of USS America, USS Independence, and USS United States.

    Pick one. Hell, pick them ALL. Enough with the recently deceased (bad, all of them) politicians already.

    • Louis E.

      The names selected by George Washington for the original frigates:
      USS Constitution (original’s still in commission)
      USS United States (original only one to float,a battlecruiser and a carrier were cancelled and a new carrier to bear the name got renamed for Truman)
      USS President (name not used since a sloop by that name was captured by the British in 1814)
      USS Constellation (name last used by carrier decommissioned in 2003,WE NEED A NEW ONE)
      USS Congress (name last used in 1919)
      The last name,Chesapeake,was chosen by the Secretary of the Navy.

  • ed kilanowski

    ………. i thought that the jerks in washington had already decided to name CVN-79 the ‘Lady Gaga’……. true right??? because some of their earlier political choices are doing time now………

  • Scott Krauss

    CVN-79 and so could and should be one of the following if not all that are mentioned. USS America,USS Independence,USS Liberty,USS Enterprise,USS Midway,USS Constellation,USS Kittyhawk,USS Philidelphia,USS Plymouth Rock,USS Freedomship which ever it is,it should honor America and all that have fallen defending her name,and for what America stands for,Not for these lie to your face back stabben, money grabben, political theifs that betray us for there own satisfaction.We need true honest leaders,not crooks.Country, Honor, Faith and the American way,Not Lie,Cheat and Steal.Truely this country is going to hell unless there is a drastic change,because HOPE and CHANGE isn’t cutting it,never has.And you people that live off of us HARD WORKING AMERICANS should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELFS,SO get off your lazy asses and become good tax paying Americans like the rest of us!! And fellow Americans we need to BOOT these crooked sorry ass excuses for politicians out of office any way we can. GOD SPEED AMERICA

  • Todd Sullivan

    As a former Navy man and “Bird Farmer” – I served on a carrier – I have to say the names being given out (more likely the ships are being handed out as prizes) don’t measure up to the job they do, which is represent our nation’s capability to maintain our interests. Enterprise has been part of the Navy from its beginning, and I see then ending of that line as being the first sign of the Navy’s demise.

    We deserve better than to have Enterprise fade away. the country deserves better.

  • Jerald Ford

    After serving on CVN65 and learning the history of CV6 and older ships to carry the name. I believe that CVN79 should be named Enterprise. CV6 was an amazing ship and one that the enemy tried and tried to destroy and couldnt. It was a shame she was scrapped.I know that CVN65 cant be saved as a museum due to the nuclear compartments. THe US Navy just wouldnt be the same without the Enterprise. The history that the Enterprise has should live on in a new ship. THe Navy is big on tradition and what says that more than Enterprise!

  • Thomas Daniel

    I served aboard the Big E on her 89-90 world cruise. Proud to say I did. How can the Navy not have an Enterprise in the fleet! We should definitely carry on this wonderful name. Long live Enterprise!


  • yu tube

    Well….if the company will kick-in say a few billion dollars to help with construction it could be named the USS Apple, or USS Mobil.

  • Saracen1955

    I was not aware that there was a President named Enterprise.

  • Wayne Conell

    Wayne conell