The impressive array of talent and intelligence that SWMBO has accumulated in San Diego for USNI/AFCEA West 2010 can only be described in one word:

Holy Moley.

Yes, I know that is technically two words, but not if you say them fast.

I am joined out here by the now-world-famous CDR Phibian Salamander, he of the 400+ comments, Galrahn from Information Dissemination, Jim Dolbow from around these parts, Defense Springboard, and the lovely and ubiquitous Maggie from Boston, along with the also lovely FBL from Soldiers’ Angels.


I feel like I should be at the little kid table with crayons, construction paper, and the scissors with the rounded ends (in case I violate Article 92 and run with them). And I should let the folks above, at the big people table, talk about grown-up stuff.

Lots and lots of talent and experience here. Please check in often for this group’s analysis of the QDR, cyberspace, deterrence, constitutional issues, shipbuilding, balancing the force, as well as life, love, death, and the imperfect nature of man. Well, at least the first few. The reading will be interesting. Enjoy.

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