Story is here. Pretty brazen of the pirates. Might have overplayed their hand a bit?

Only question I have is:

Just how are we defining “heavy gunfire battle” these days? (see the video in the link)

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  • JD

    The link does not appear to work.

  • UltimaRatioReg

    How be dat?

  • JD

    Thank you! That’s much better. “Heavy gunfire battle” indeed. It’s regrettable that a 16-inch salvo will probably never be fired again. In the meantime, congratulations to USS Nicholas!

  • Former 3364

    So, what does the “G” in FFG stand for these days?

  • Chuck Hill

    HMS Exeter after engaging Graf Spee?

  • Oceaneer

    Former 3364: I thought the G was for “guided”, but like you, I spent more time under the water than on it. (though there are SSGN vessels now, right?)

  • Don Dillaby

    The G in FFG stands for Guided Missle.

  • Retired Now

    What’s No-Kidding-around pitiful is this fact:

    each FFG-7 class carries a 76mm gun.

    each LCS class carries a 57mm gun.

    each of the 4 tiny patrol boats HALTER VTI is building in Mississippi for Egypt, carries a 76mm gun.

    each LCS-1 weights 3300 tons, 5 times bigger than the brand new 4 boats for Egypt.

    MORAL of the Story: LCS better stay away from Egypt if they get angry at us for any reason.

  • UltimaRatioReg


    It is. View from just aft of forecastle, starboard side.

  • Mark Toomey

    I guess the pirate’s never learned the old saying “never bring a knife to a gun fight”!
    BZ to the USS Nicholas crew!

  • Paul

    Either that or the concept that grey ships are usually bad news didn’t quite sink in. So, does the Nicholas get to paint a jolly roger somewhere on her or do we not do that anymore for fear of offending socially awkward pirates who may be suffering from self esteem issues?

    During WWII captains did a lot of modifications to their ships for firepower’s sake, especially PT boats. I am assuming that such things are in the past, right? What about a nice MK 38 twin turret right where the former Mk 13 launcher is?

  • Former 3364

    “The G in FFG stands for Guided Missle.”

    I don’t see any missiles on that target anymore…

  • Chuck Hill

    Paul asked, “What about a nice MK 38 twin turret right where the former Mk 13 launcher is?”

    It has already been done on one FFG and I think the plan is to do the same on all of them.

  • Chuck Hill

    Paul, Sorry, I may have misunderstood. I thought you were talking about the Mk38 25 mm, but that is not a twin. Were you talking about something else?