Navy Life

June 2010


Being one of the resident civilians on this blog, I feel certain topics are off-limits. Put broadly, I do not write on internal Navy matters. Grand strategy, strategy, operations, tactics, and politics are fair game, but uniforms and Burger Kings on FOBs are not.

That said, I do have some understanding of what comprises life in the Navy. Or, at least I thought I did until I read this.

Hat tip to Starbuck.

Posted by Christopher Albon in Navy

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  • YN2(SW) H. Lucien Gauthier III

    The Pantera riffs are all that got me through boot!

    Oh, and we don’t have a Burger King on KAF anymore. We have a KFC now.

  • Charley

    Gotta love The Onion.

  • KFC?! Pfft. The injustice.

    KAF needs a Domino’s with online ordering: http://www.thesneeze.com/2007/the-great-pizza-orientation-test.php

  • admin

    Christopher – Dominos was founded by a former Marine…just saying…

  • KhakiPants

    This article is relevant to my interests.

    Also, yay for KFC, double yay for the JPJ JOs BEING ON A BOAT.

  • The Aussies are also on a boat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gm4UAt_bKwo

  • Old Air Force Sarge

    D**N! And I spent 24 in the big blue machine without any of that cool stuff, kinda makes me want to go back and Go Navy this time. Oh, wait a minute, I’ve got 3 kids, all in the Navy, two SWOs and one NFO. Neither of my SWOs said anything about Navy life being anything like what was described in The Onion. In fact it was the opposite! But my NFO, now those stories are close! 😉

  • YNSA Pawlikowski

    KAF also has a Gyro place that makes amazing chicken wings!

  • jwithington

    Unfortunately, Big Navy didn’t find it a humorous use of national security assets; these guys got into some trouble, at least with their CO.

  • KhakiPants

    @jwithington It is my understanding no harm befell their careers and they went on to make their next career milestones.

    In my opinion as a young whipper snapper, if Big Navy doesn’t recognise that value of what the JPJ JOs did, then they are even more out of touch with my generation than I think they are already. While I certainly have a personal history that leads to desire service as a naval officer, many of my friends would be more apt to consider seriously joining the Navy, especially as an officer, after watching the JPJ JOs ON A BOAT, than they would be to after watching “accelerate your life” or “a global force for good” commercials.

    That’s very much directly relevant to The Onion article. While the commercials haven’t represented the truth about the daily grind of naval service, the JPJ JOs did represent a true picture of the kind of fun and camaraderie that can be had as part of the job. This sort of representation is valuable in the social media, viral marketing culture that my generation simply takes for granted. Dismissing the power of spontaneous productions that make a connection to the recruiting demographic in the way the JPJ JOs did is short-sighted at best.

  • jwithington

    ^ This times a 1000.

  • Charley

    Yea, the original was taken down off YouTube, but thankfully a 3rd party reposted it. So, yea, the command that took it down doesn’t really understand social media and the industriousness of those who have grown up and embrace the technology.

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