Want to honor the memories of those who were killed nine years ago? Want to honor the service of those of us who wear the uniform today?

Do something that celebrates your freedom. I cannot be emphatic enough about that.

When you walk down the street, look at any person walking around. Think to yourself that you do not have to worry about that person having explosives strapped to themselves. When you get mad at whatever side of government makes you mad; be glad that those politicians do not use religion to coerce public favor. When you watch TV, be glad that the most the President of the United States–the most powerful man in the world–can do against someone who wants to build a mosque or burn a Koran is ask them not to do so. The biggest thing, is be glad that you, at the very least, feel like you can achieve something beyond a subsistence existence, that with your own hands and determination you can become anything you wish to be.

There is no single better way to honor the memory of those we’ve lost than to be as free as you can–celebrate it, revel in it. There is no single greater threat to our enemies.

It is for this that I will gladly lay down my life, and for the very same reason that we cannot lose this long war.

Every moment I spend away from American I understand better just how amazing it is. Not just the land or the people, but the ideas it is founded upon.

Posted by CTR1(SW) H. Lucien Gauthier III in Foreign Policy

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  • Derrick

    A very succinct and well-written post. It helps me remember and appreciate what I have.

  • winny lycklama

    My admiration and appreciation for the courage of the US armed forces to fight for our freedom will never be forgotten.

  • Pamela

    We applaud you! I pray that everyone will not only hear your message–but live by its message!!!! May all of our troops come home YESTERDAY!!!!!!!! God bless you and our beautiful nation!!

  • David Rogers

    “When you watch TV, be glad that the most the President of the United States–the most powerful man in the world–can do against someone who wants to build a mosque or burn a Koran is ask them not to do so.”

    This rings rather hollow, since Obama did no such thing with regards the Mosque. He essentially “sold America out” with his response to the Mosque controversy.

    He also failed America on the Koran controversy. Rather than take this golden opportunity to remind those calling for him to act about the American principles of Freedom of Speech and Separation of Church and State, he sold out those values entirely!

    I would rather remember and honor the troops who will never come home from Afghanistan, and those who hopefully will soon, by remaining steadfast in my defense of America, our constitution and our culture, and to remain aware of the imminent danger posed to America by Islam, which has styled itself, at its core, as an unrelenting enemy of non-Islam.


  • Mt Top Patriot

    You know it Mr. Gauthier!
    Bravo and thanks! What you say could not come from a more worthy source.
    God Bless you and your Loved ones, and your brothers and Sisters in arms. Thank God and our founders we as a nation are blessed with the Heroes in uniform such as yourself.


    Warm regards,

  • YN2(SW) H. Lucien Gauthier III

    The thing that scares me the most in being out here is everything that is happening in the States. How Americans talk to each other and about our government scares me far further than the rockets that are lobbed at me on a nightly basis. But, that is the point of what terrorism is, isn’t it? small kinetic attacks that wear on the psyche to sew doubt and confusion. Isn’t it that our enemies want us to think that all Muslims are like them. That this war is about religion? Al Qaeda is dominating the information war, and they are disrupting the alliances and plans of the US both domestically and internationally.

    How Americans talk about each other. How they talk about religion. How they hate my Commander-in-Chief. How there is more to do with domestic politics in the war I am fighting than actual strategy. It all scares me because there is little or nothing I can do about that.

    I’ve been deployed since 2008, with a few months back in the states over the Summer of ’09. I honestly question whether or not I know what it is like back in the States any more. The vitriolic nature to (seemingly) everyone’s opinions is alien to me. I can only guess that this is because I have been gone for so long.

    Regardless, it is incredibly difficult to be out here and know that many consider the President of the same ilk as the enemy.

    I am sorry I mentioned politics in my post. It will not happen again.

  • Chuck Hill

    YN2(SW) H. Lucien Gauthier III, Your wisdom, beyond your years shows through again.

    Don’t worry, we will come through this, but we need more people speaking out for our true values, the ones in the Constitution like tolerance and freedom of religion.

    Defending the Constitution is not a political statement, it is what the military is sworn to do.

  • Derrick

    A Muslim coworker of mine once told us that if Al Qaeda members truly believed in Islam, they would not be terrorists.

  • Derrick

    And the coworker was originally from Pakistan too.

  • Byron

    Lucien, Americans have contentious and mildly hateful about politics since the days of John Adams 😉 You should read what was said by the NORTHERN press about Abraham Lincoln during the war!