Iraq Ambassador to U.S.: Iraq No Longer a U.S. Priority
In an interview with the liberal electronic daily Elaph last week, Iraqi Ambassador to the U.S. Samir al-Sumaida’i said that the Americans are currently preoccupied with Afghanistan, the domestic economic situation, and Iran, and that Iraq has …

Wikileaks Preparing A Massive Dump Of U.S. Intelligence Files On Iraq
A London-based journalism nonprofit is working with the WikiLeaks Web site and TV and print media in several countries on programs and stories based on what is described as massive cache of classified U.S. military field reports related to the Iraq War.

China’s rise triggers natural military cooperation among those made nervous
Great WAPO piece by the always good John Pomfret that highlights a recent theme of mine: no great need to “encircle” China, because the more the neighbors worry over its economic rise and foolish threats about the South China Sea, they will simply come to us–for arms and alliance.

West Needs New Missile Shield Against Iranian Nuclear Threat, Nato Chief Says
Nato’s Secretary-General has urged the construction of a new missile defence system to protect Europe from the threat of Iranian nuclear attack.

Turkey referendum shows secularism eroding – but still a potent force
Turkey’s ruling party cast its referendum win as a vote of confidence for further democratic reforms. But the 42 percent ‘no’ vote signals a polarized nation.

Putin and Medvedev Stage Contrasting Political Shows
Two high-profile international events occurred in Russia last week: on Monday, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, held a traditional meeting with the Valdai club; and on Friday, President Dmitry Medvedev participated in the Yaroslavl forum, which is designed to become a new tradition. Some Western participants were given a chance to compare the roundtables, but Putin clearly favors think-tankers like Fiona Hill or Samuel Charap, while Medvedev invited such renowned sociologists as Immanuel Wallerstein and Craig Calhoun. Even more telling is the difference in the list of Russian participants: the Valdai club is run by traditionalists like Sergei Karaganov and Vyacheslav Nikonov, while Vladislav Surkov, deputy head of the presidential administration who supervises the Yaroslavl event, granted favors to his protégées, Gleb Pavlovsky and Valery Fadeev, and also allowed for some critical views from Igor Yurgens and Vladislav Inozemtsev.

Jihadist Makes Cyber Attack
Last week’s rapidly spreading computer virus has been traced back to a cyber-jihad group called Tariq ibn Ziyad. Information security company SecureWorks was able to link this cyber jihad group to the ‘Here you have’ malicious worm. The worm was able to crash systems, computer networks and bring down email servers. IDG reported the worm was able to disrupt large U.S. organizations including Disney, Proctor and Gamble, AIG, Wells Fargo, Comcast and NASA.

Taliban increasingly eyeing its role in politics
Although Taliban leaders have denounced Afghanistan’s parliamentary election and threatened violence at the polls on Saturday, some are discreetly making overtures to candidates, apparently in hopes of building political clout in Kabul, according to the top United Nations envoy here….

NATO says new contracting rules will help eliminate Afghan corruption
KABUL – Following new guidelines designed to stimulate local business development and combat corruption, NATO has contracted with three Afghan companies owned by women to provide boots and clothing to Afghan soldiers, officials said Monday.

India Navy Plans Sub Buys
The potential regional maritime threat India faces from a rising China, including in the Indian Ocean, has been well covered in this magazine. So with this in mind, India is reportedly in the market to buy six modern, conventional submarines under Project-75 India. According to reports, at least four of these submarines will be built in two Indian yards under transfer of technology, while the other two will be imported after being built overseas by a foreign collaborator. India is set to retire its last two Foxtrot submarines later this year, effectively leaving it with 10 Kilo-class and four HDW submarines.

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