"Hey, I'm just a mere figurehead, really..."

The big reason to attend WEST 2011 is quite simple… Undersecretary Robert Work is already confirmed to speak!

Enjoying lunch while listening to America’s own reincarnation of Jackie Fisher, Winston Churchill and a wild strain of Roosevelt is a treat too rarely served to us far-from-Beltway residents of the West Coast. It is not something to miss.

Register for WEST 2011 here.

It’s the least you can do for the guy who, with the unveiling of last weeks’ LCS “Unselect”, is relentlessly forging the Navy after Next (and hey, he even finds the time to craft the occasional essay for Proceedings, too!)

I mean, to give you some idea of how influential Undersecretary Robert Work is, I’d wager that Admiral Rickover would be horribly jealous given just how effective Robert Work has been–in the space of just two years, too…

In short, the guy is unstoppable, well worth hearing, and, hey, even if you don’t like Undersecretary Work, USNI has invited a whole lot of other interesting folk to drop by WEST 2011, too. Take a look. Anybody can register, and, well, what better way to justify a trip to visit San Diego in January?

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  • Byron

    I’d love to be there to thank him for inflicting both flavors of the Little Crappy Ship on the Navy but I’ll be too busy keeping the rest of his Navy from crumbling into the basin.

  • Scott B.

    Byron said : “I’d love to be there to thank him for inflicting both flavors of the Little Crappy Ship on the Navy”

    And he’s capable of much worse, as a rabid supporter of the LPD-17 for instance.

    So don’t worry : with a couple more years to go, you’ll most likely have plenty more opportunities to thank him for inflicting much more disasters on the Navy…