If you are interested in where someone in the business thinks that publishing will go, then listen to Seth Godin’s interview at radioLitopia.

His comments about apps, the costs of publishing in the current era, the role of publishers, and what publishers should be doing as the industry changes are relevant to our interests.

I anyone wonders what publishing has to do with the Naval Institute…well…

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  • His point on interactiveness and ‘building a tribe’ is particularly striking. For years, reading and contributing to Proceedings was the limit of communication technology. But the mission of the Institute is to provide a forum and to disseminate and advance knowledge — not publish a magazine. This isn’t to knock Proceedings, but a monthly periodical — or even a blog for that matter — isn’t going to cut it as a forum in the 21st century, particularly for the very individuals that are supposed to be at the heart of the Institute’s ‘tribe’ — active, serving young naval officers. We’re going to have to do much better and make some tough choices if we hope to live up to spirit of the mission statement we have all so ardently defended.

  • The Domino project is most fascinating. And we want to listen. And we should listen. And we are listening.