Well, I dunno about fun, but certainly easier to understand than the usual explanation. And it ain’t even in Power Point.

LtCol Dan Ward, USAF, from DAU provides nothing short of a brilliant essay that even an 8-yr old can relate to, in fact, can inspire. Worth every bit of the read, as Galrahn has noted at his place. And though Gal also quotes a passage, I will quote a different one, not the least because it has the word “fleet” in it. What, with this being a Naval blog, and all.

The bottom line: Death Stars are unaffordable. Whether we’re talking about a fictional galaxy far, far away or the all too real conditions here on Planet Earth, a Death Star program will cost more than it is worth. The investment on this scale is unsustainable and is completely lost when a wamp-rat-hunting farmboy takes a lucky shot. When one station represents the entire fleet (or even 5 percent of the fleet), we’ve put too many eggs in that basket and are well on our way to failing someone for the last time.

The above seems to describe myriad projects and concepts now being considered by the United States Navy, from larger and larger amphibious ships whose loss would mean instant mission failure, to potentially small (6 or 7?) numbers of supercarriers plying the oceans as a result of the coming fiscal restraint on DoD budgets.

“A Death Star is an Empire weapon that aims to intimidate opponents into submission.

Droids are Republic technology. They don’t intimidate anyone. Instead, they earn their keep by being useful and practical.”

Which current Navy programs are our “Death Stars”, and which, our R2D2s?

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  • LCS = Death Star

    Proposed Frigate = R2D2

  • Grandpa Bluewater

    LCS = JarJar Binks

  • Byron

    “LCS = JarJar Binks”

    Damn, Grandpa, I felt that one! 🙂

  • Bucherm

    I wonder which “ROTJ” the author of the article saw.

    The article claims that the DS2 didn’t fire it’s primary weapon once, well…some thoughts:
    The Rebel Alliance attacked the DS2 before it was complete, specifically because they knew that they would be unable to get the one-in-a-billion shot again in terms of destroying it.

    And, of course, the DS2 destroyed multiple Rebel capital ships. It was such a danger that the RA fleet had to close with the Imperial major combatants in order to force the DS2 to avoid firing. The second DS2 was, by all accounts, a success. It was very close to completion in 3 years(compared to *20* years for the original Deathstar), it was able to be constructed in complete secrecy(the RA only discovering the location because of a Imperial decision to lure the RA fleet into a trap), and, of course, the Imperials sole-sourced the logistics contract to one company(for those of us who played “Shadows of the Empire” as kids).

    The remarkable success of the DS2 program over the original makes one wonder if the original DS was some odd make-work jobs program. After all, it took 20 years(or nearly so) for the first one to be built, and it had a pretty terrible design flaw. The internets inform me that the main weapon was only accurate enough to be used against planetary bodies as well, so the utility of the original DS would have been limited to “blowing up planets”, compared to the second one, which would have been a terror in fleet engagements.

    Perhaps the original DS was ordered as part of the post-clone war “Imperial Recovery Act”?

  • Byron

    Bucherm, you will never again get that tongue out of your cheek 😉

  • Bucherm

    Yessir I am a Sci-fi nerd. My life does have a sign hanging on it that says ‘CONDEMNED’. 😛

  • Mike M.

    The Force is strong with Grandpa Bluewater!

  • LCS and Super Carriers = Death Star

    SSNs and Hovercraft (reference last month’s Proceedings article) = R2D2

  • Bucherm

    @J. Scott Shipman

    Actually, the Star Destroyers would be the idealized LCS. It can carry troops, fight other majors warships, carry aircraft…

  • UltimaRatioReg

    You guys watch Star Wars WAAAAAAYYYY too many times!

  • Paul P

    I had to look all of this up, so don’t castigate me too much…

    Super Star Destroyer= LCS

    Death Stars 1 & 2 = Zumwalt class destroyer

    Star Destroyer= Arleigh Burke class destroyer (jack of all trades)

    R2D2= F/A 18 Hornet (does it all, even if short)

    C-3PO= F-35 (annoyingly cranky, breaks down a lot and whines loudly)

    Jedi Knights= SEALS

    Sorry, Star Trek’s on, gotta go…

  • @Bucherm, Idealized, indeed:))