When I think about the traits that embody a United States Marine, many words come to mind. This clip captures some of the most important, I think: a smart, straight-talking, hard working, beer drinking, no-nonsense professional with the ability to kill the Taliban hordes using nearly every T/O weapon organic to a rifle company (save perhaps a 60 MM mortar), all the while possessing an unrelenting spirit and sense of humor.

In this absolutely perfect segment on late night television Sgt Dakota Meyer made his forefathers proud by demonstrating to audiences across America the different sort of ethos that makes the Marine-tribe so special, in or out of active service…

Lace up your boots. Work hard. Meet the enemy. Do your job. Laugh when possible. If you’re lucky, come home. Be grateful. Remember your comrades. Laugh when possible. Lace up your boots. Work hard. Do your job. Laugh when possible. Work hard. Remember. Laugh. Work….ask the President of the United States to have a beer with you, and never forget to “grease your bobcat.”

I’m proud to see the Corps represented by Ambassador Meyer.


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  • Fouled Anchor

    Brilliant! What a fantastic example of a Humble Hero! I’m sure we would all like to have a beer with this young man.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Byron

    I started to complain that he decided to get out of active service…and then I thought, he’s already done his duty to our nation and to his brother and sister Marines.

    God bless you, SGT Meyer!

  • Great post on a true American hero. Now, thanks to you and Sgt Meyer, I can add “greasing the bobcat” too many more conversations….