Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) has announced their Junior Sailor of the Year, and the winner is: YN2(SW) H. Lucien Gauthier! YN2 Gauthier is Special Assistant, SACEUR Strategic Communications and a USNI member and guest blogger.

Bravo Zulu YN2 for this fine accomplishment!

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  • YN2(SW) H. Lucien Gauthier III

    Awww… Make me blush.


  • Congratulations YN2!

  • Janis Jorgensen

    Well deserved! BZ!!

  • Congratulations …

  • Lucien, based on your participation and engagement with the Naval Institute, this comes as no surprise. Well Done!

    Peter Daly, VADM, USN (ret)

  • Well deserved. Keep learning, keep writing.
    Somewhere some time, single malt on an old Naval Aviator!

  • Chuck Hill

    I would feel a lot better if half our O-6s were as well read and thoughtful.

    Well deserved.

  • ADM J. C. Harvey, Jr USN

    YN2(SW), congratulations and well done! I was on SAN ANTONIO today for the change-of-command; our ship is doing well. All the best, JCHjr

  • LCDR BJ Armstrong

    So, you’re saying he’s doing well there? Shocking.

    Well Done YN2. So much for me trying to figure out how to steal you away to help us tangle with the pirates!

  • Byron

    BZ, YN2…but remember, if your head gets too big, there’s always a chief handy to knock the swelling down 😉

    And for all you senior officers: tell me, why is Lucien still a YN2?

  • YN2(SW) H. Lucien Gauthier III

    ADM Harvey, Thank you for the kind words, and it’s great to hear of our Ship doing well!

    ADM Daly, likewise thank you for the kind words and constant support USNI has given me.

    LCDR Armstrong. No, steal me! I’d rather be at sea.

    Byron, Chuck, Ed, Lynn, Janis – thank you all as well, the kind words and constant support is what lets me know that writing is worthwhile.

    V/r and best,

  • There we go!

  • Byron

    Good idea! YN2 Gauthier is a sailor, and sailors belong at sea! Of course, YN2, that would severely cut into your consumption of European beer 😉


    Congrats YN2!!! Well deserved. Keep charging.


  • Surfcaster

    Nice Job!

  • EN1 Joseph Alfano

    CONGRATS shipmate, BRAVO ZULU!!!!!!