More than two years have passed since the Jihad-inspired cold-blooded murder of 12 US Soldiers and one DoD civilian at Fort Hood. An act committed by a man whose radical Islamist views were well known to his chain of command and his peers. By a man who shouted “Allahu Akbar” over and over again while shooting nearly fifty people, killing 13 and wounding 32. By a man who had exchanged more than a dozen e-mails with a radical Islamist, drawing inspiration for the attack from a man, Anwar al-Awliki, whom the Administration targeted for killing as an enemy of the United States, and who labeled the attacker at Fort Hood a hero and martyr for Islam.

Yet, the Defense Department is calling the incident “workplace violence”.

From the Greeley (CO) Gazette:

Witnesses said Hasan passed up several chances to shoot civilians, but instead chose to concentrate exclusively on soldiers in uniform.

Following the attack, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) said the attack had nothing to do with Islam. It was claimed that Hasan’s murderous rampage was the fault of Army officials who ordered him to deploy to Afghanistan.

Hasan’s radical views regarding Islam were well-known. Once, while presenting a medical lecture to other psychiatrists, Hasan talked about Islam, stating that non-believers would go to hell decapitated, set on fire and have burning oil poured down their throats.

Had Major Hasan managed to plant a bomb aboard a bus that killed thirteen and wounded thirty-two, would that still be workplace violence? The motivation, the target, the results, would all be the same. The only difference would be the method.

The political correctness with which this massacre was treated has been a despicable, shameful display of avoiding the truth. This includes General Casey’s disgraceful and stomach-turning lament about the incident harming the Army’s diversity efforts. Secretary Gates’ PC-inspired unwillingness to comment upon the nature of Hasan’s motivations in the Defense report is equally egregious. The comments by Vern Clark and Togo West that the investigation shouldn’t concern itself with “motivation” are pathetic and dangerous pandering to political correctness.

Secretary Panetta has the opportunity to correct this travesty and this deliberate misrepresentation of the terrible truth. Which is that the US Army commissioned, and then promoted, an Islamic Jihadist to the Field Grade ranks. They ignored the myriad warnings of his conduct and his radical viewpoint, or were unwilling to confront Hasan and take appropriate action. And, that when Hasan went on his killing rampage, his actions were in the same spirit and motivation as the 9/11 hijackers, the Little Rock shooters, and the Fort Dix plotters.

What it will take is some courage and character, and a willingness to break out of the stifling repression of political correctness. The Secretary should revise the report to reflect what we all know the Fort Hood tragedy to be. A terrorist act committed by a radical Islamist against US Service members, on American soil. That is the truth.

Calling Fort Hood something other than terrorism is a deliberate lie. A lie perpetuated by the desire for political correctness above all things, including the truth.



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  • Well done! Many thanks for this post. Political correctness continues to cripple our great Republic.

  • Solon

    All that can be added is this “AMEN!” from the congregation.

  • Emilio


  • Mrs. R.Singer

    While I agree 100% with everything the facts and presentation, I ask everyone reading to look also at some other issues simultanelously, because they are all connected. Mr. Corzine shrugged and said, I dont know where 1.2billion $$ of investors money went, I’m as shocked as you are…Mr. Holder shrugged and blandly noted that for years to come America will suffer the guns that crossed over into Mexico (Mr. Holder’s eyes belie his smug satisfaction when saying such things)The shoving of Obamacare down America’s throat, the forcing of generic meds on people that often are ineffective, the complete giving over of manufacturing to China, who in turn hack our computer systems and send us poisoned food, toys, clothes and anything else they can get away with. All of it, is from the same ball of wax-and from this ball of disease, Islamists, to use a term which is nonsensical btw, have to see that the cracks are widening enough, the lack of control by individuals and institutions on themselves, give them sufficient room to continue moving forward. This issue goes way beyond PC, its stems from sheer ignorance. If government people read Quran and Hadith-commentary and explanation not even discussed or widely known in America, studied it as they study their paychecks and expense accounts, they would see the agenda is exactly what the so-called fear mongers are warning about Islam. It is dangerous, Fort Hood is a prime example of their agenda and we need to start addressing the world as it presents itself, not how we wish to envision it, because that’s fantasy and clearly dangerous thinking. I lived in Egypt for some period in the ghettos, not the Hilton or Marriott, I know the mentality, heard the double talk..we are a kind people and willing to believe there is a kernel good somewhere in the darkest corners. Sometimes you have to accept there is ONLY dark and protect yourself.

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  • Jay

    While there is no doubt that his Chain of Command failed the Army, to disastrous result, there is another way to look at this (which I am not sure I agree with, but it may be worth reviewing…) – refuse to refer to the perpertrator on his terms – don’t give him the connection to the religious cause he hopes to use (misuse) as the basis for his irrational act. I suspect he’d like to be considered a martyr (but haven’t followed his writings…), let’s not allow that.