As noted in an earlier post on my home site, the weather in the upper Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden is beginning to shift from monsoon back to that more favorable to the operations of pirates in the small open attack boats. After several weeks of slowed pirate activity, the pirates have managed to snag a new victim and her crew of 21.

Arrayed against the pirates are warships from the EU, NATO, China, India, Japan, Singapore, Iran, Russia and armed guard teams embarked on many merchant ships and fishing boats.

Naturally, it’s a good time to talk pirates. So, on Sunday, February 12 at 5 pm (Eastern U.S.), that’s what we are going to do.

Episode 110 The 21st Century Pirate Threat 02/12 by Midrats on Blog Talk Radio:

The problem with piracy is not going anywhere. Each year in places like Somalia it is becoming part of the local economy. In areas near poorlly governed areas, it threatens the free flow of goods at market prices through the world’s sea lines of communication.

Is it an economic problem, a global security problem, a political problem, or a mixture of that and more?

What is the impact of international aid, military action, and the paying of ransom? What are the best solutions, and what is working and what is not working to slow the impact of piracy?

Join Sal from “CDR Salamander” and EagleOne (that’s me!) from “Eagle Speak” for the full hour to discuss these issues and more with their guest, Rear Admiral Terry McKnight, USN (Ret.), former Commander of the anti-piracy CTF-151 off the horn of Africa.

Here’s the link to listen live. If you miss the show you can download it later from here or from iTunes (podcasts under “Midrats”).

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  • Byron

    Think I will be listening to this one, sounds very interesting. Thanks, E1 !

  • Russell Koch

    If the Navy would equip a decent vessel for hillbilly cruising, and provide plenty of ammo, you could troll the horn of Africa for weeks on end and end the “pirate” scourge. Here is how it works: charge a bargain price for a “Pirate shooting cruise” and make sure that the trip includes all the ammo you can shoot if the “pirates” show up. Every redneck who could scrape together the dough would man your ship and have a rip roaring time blasting “pirates” with whatever surplus junk weapons you could mount on the gunwales. QED.