Naval Academy graduate and Marine Officer Brian Stann is one hell of a fighter-leader. In a culture that worships professional athletes that excel at playing children’s games for millions of dollars, here’s a real life hero-professional sportsman we can all look up to…Semper fi Captain Stann. Keep attacking.

Posted by Alexander Martin in Marine Corps

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  • UltimaRatioReg

    Alex, tremendous story. Captain Stann and his Marines are worthy of our undying gratitude and respect.

    Maybe, just maybe, the next time a league of multimillionaire professional athletes go on strike because they think they are being ill-used, or some idiot outfielder making $150,000 a GAME fails to run out a ground ball, there will be fewer folks ready to make excuses for them.

  • Uncle Bob

    THIS puts an honest face on ‘war hero.’ Thanks for sharing.