Walk the Prank: Secret Story of Mysterious Portrait at Pentagon


Navy Man, Lost at Sea in 1908, Surfaces at Parties; ‘The Project’


This story about ‘Ensign Chuck Hord, Lost at Sea’ should remind us all of the wonderful spirit and traditions (and sense of humor) carried by the brave men and women of our beloved Sea Service.

I would like to take this opportunity to start a campaign to have this portrait displayed proudly on the walls of the prestigious and hallowed halls of the U.S. Naval Institute…

If you agree, please share this story – pass it along, and do not let one of the greatest pranks in the history of our Navy (and an even better portrait of Ensign Hord and his blow-dried hair) go forgotten and uncelebrated.


Posted by Alexander Martin in History, Marine Corps, Navy

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  • YN2(SW) H. Lucien Gauthier III

    This. Needs. To. Happen.


  • Byron

    Absolutely brilliant!

  • Andy (JADAA)

    The finest, dare I say it, (I do, I do!) traditions of the Naval Service call, indeed, demand that this fine portrait be placed in prominence within the USNI’s august spaces. C’mon, I TRIPLE-DOG dare you!!!

  • The most effective way to get anything done in the Navy is to send a 2nd-class petty officer with a clipboard and a working party. YN2 – who do you know inside the Pentagon?

  • Fouled Anchor

    If the story wasn’t already so public, it would have been great to just hang it in Beach Hall and see how long it took for someone to notice. And when they noticed, just say it came over from the Pentagon.

  • Javier Arroyo

    1. Hang this “masterpiece” along SECNAV’s p-way.
    2. This story should be mandatory reading to all middies/ROTC/OCS Candidates.
    3. Call in some serious NGFS on the WSJ for ruining a good prank.