800px-USS_Tempest_PC-2Join us this Sunday, 13 Oct at 1700/5pm (Eastern U.S.) for Episode 197: Sea Swap & Small Unit Leadership :

While good ideas are often forgotten, bad ideas seem to pop up over an over again – especially the sexy ones that sound so good, but never seem to work well. The answer, of course, is to try again and hope for a better result.

Some would argue that sea swap is one of those sexy ideas that just isn’t that practical in actual operation.

A good idea? One of the good ideas mostly forgotten is that of the Junior Officer in significant positions of authority. LTJG as XO? LT as Skipper? Sure… used to be common; now not so much outside the MIW and PC community.

What are the different challenges for the officer on a smaller warship? As JO command opportunities shrink, what is our Navy losing?

800px-Swift_refueling_Avenger_asternOur guest for the full hour to discuss this and anything else the squirrels deliver will be Lieutenant Matthew Hipple, USN.

We’ll start the conversation from his article in the July 2013 Proceedings, Sea Swap – Its a Trap – then we’ll be off to the races from there.

LT Hipple is a surface warfare officer who graduated from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. He is Director of the NEXTWAR blog and hosts the Sea Control podcast. While his opinions may not reflect those of the United States Navy, Department of Defense, or US Government, he wishes they did.

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  • paineoftheworld

    Sorry, didn’t listen to the cast and so this may be retreading trodden ground. First I was an enlisted member in the CG and served afloat my whole time (8 years+). I served some of my time aboard an 82 ft PB out of Kaua’i under a first class XPO and LTJG skipper. Eventually I qualed UWOOD as a third class PO in my boat and a 110 ft PB during TAD. This is what I know, JO’s see the world as it is, especially when an upper command is no where to be found. That unvarnished view is what makes small units the best experience in the world and also because of the scope of opportunity available. The JO sees no boundaries because he/she hasn’t been taught them in a proper wardroom. If you read this, are active and have a chance; go small, you won’t regret it. Fair winds…..

    • Matthew Hipple

      Damn straight. With PO1 OOD’s and CDO’s, PO3 EOOW’s, the PC is the place to go! No 6-month cranking outside of your job here!