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CIMSEC-LogoUSCG Mobile Training Branch member, James Daffer, has traveled the world. We talk with him about what he’s seen in the world of capacity building for maritime security abroad, soft power and relationship building, cultural challenges when working amongst different peoples, and stories about his travels. SC Episode 6 – USCG Adventures (Download)

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A great finding from Tim Colton that I think everybody will enjoy–A must-see time-lapse movie of the USCG Training Ship Eagle’s (WIX-327) recent (unscheduled) maintenance. Set to music.

A little light-hearted and well-deserved chest-thumping from America’s can-do-about-anything (but procurement!) service, the U.S. Coast Guard. Good job and great outreach.

(I dug the “ship as parade float” moment between 2:19–2:30.)

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